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We provide structured fitness classes to help you achieve your health and performance goals

What We do

At CrossFit South West Bunbury we facilitate a broad range of training options and welcome members into our community from a range of different backgrounds and experience levels.

CrossFit classes

CrossFit workouts are different every day and can be modified to help everyone achieve their goals. The workouts can be customised for any age or level of fitness. Expect to exceed your own expectations, keeping you motivated and coming back for more.

Olympic weightlifting classes

This strength based workout designed to train and build patterns or movements for the snatch and clean and jerk barbell movements.

The strength is transferable to CrossFit classes and everyday functional movements.

Kids/teens fitness

An introduction to fitness for kids and teens alike.

Using the CrossFit methodology, coaches help kids and teens develop a great base foundation for CrossFit and healthy association with fitness for health.

CFSW is built on community, consistency and commitment.

We provide athletes with high level coaching, structured programming and accountability, and our amazing community provides encouragement and support, pushing through the workout of the day (WOD).

Regardless of your age, fitness level or goals CrossFit South West Bunbury provides an environment for our members to thrive.


dedicated to results

We practice what we preach and believe that everyone can benefit from engaging in physical activity.

When you move your body you feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. When you are engaged in the pursuit of a goal, whether that be your first pull up or a new 1 rep max snatch, you will discover purpose and drive and when you achieve that first breakthrough you will experience a sense of accomplishment and a new belief in your physical ability.

Witnessing the positive changes in our members, from increased confidence, a sense of wellbeing and enthusiasm for life as well as feeling and looking strong, inspires the team at CFSW to continually strive to deliver the best CrossFit experience possible.

CrossFit South West Dedicated Results
CrossFit South West Workout Variation

Get fit the fun way, WITH constant variation


Every workout is different, get fit and healthy without having to think about it. Just turn up, we do the rest.


CrossFit attracts all walks of life with a similar goal, get fit with friends who will support your fitness journey.


CrossFit uses safe, effective, and efficient movements similar to those you use every day in life.

What our members achieve:


Body Confidence

Wherever you start from, with as little as 3 times a week you will see your body change, you will do and achieve movements you never thought you could.



Our members are like family, you can choose to engage and be ‘in it’ or you can do your own thing, we love it all.


Functional Fitness

The fitness you gain in the gym transfers to all areas of life. Whether it be playing with the kids, strength on the sports field, more energy at work or simply feeling great in the skin you’re in.

CrossFit South West Member Achievements


CrossFit has changed lives, our members are living proof. Whether it be weight loss, strength, body confidence or finding a home away from home. This is an engaging fitness program that will have you coming back for more and you will regret not starting your journey earlier, that’s why offer anyone thinking about getting started a FREE Trial class so you can experience CFSW before signing up!

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