Very often as a CrossFit Coach when you are in public it can be very hard to avoid the question ‘What is CrossFit?’ In general conversation people are quite interested in what you do for work… it happens to all of us… but it can be very intriguing for people to learn that your full time job is in fitness. Fitness can be and is often an interesting topic for most people and they want to know a lot of information about or to tell you what they know about food, exercise and lifestyle.

So to answer the most common question asked ‘What is CrossFit?’ Is easy for us! It is ‘Constantly varied functional movements done at high intensity!’ Simple… however, doesn’t answer the real question ‘Why should I do CrossFit?’ To which then we can answer ‘to increase work capacity over broad spectrums of time and modal domains and age domains’! Which is all a very sciency way to explain the basics of what we require from the financial investment we put into our health and fitness!

But how does this technical terminology get relayed to help you understand the concerns you have about CrossFit and how it can work for you and help you achieve your own individual goals and result! Well that’s what this post is about! Below are the 3 things we hear from people enquiring about CrossFit and some of the concerns they share that are very relevant but yet clear misconceptions!

#1 ‘CrossFit is only for the hardcore!’

Every time I take someone for an intro session or their beginners program it is a guarantee that they are concerned about CrossFit being ‘hardcore’! It is true CrossFit can be ‘hardcore’, however it’s important to note… there are two components to CrossFit and the level of ‘hardcore’ comes down to what you wish to achieve from your time and where you are in your fitness journey. CrossFit is a fitness methodology first and an extreme sport second! CrossFit was not created originally to become a sport but was created by Greg Glassman as a personal trainer working in a ‘globo gym’ training regular everyday clients! From there as interest built the sport of CrossFit and the CrossFit Games was spawned. So before we move on to concern number 2 let’s close our concern 1 – CrossFit is a methodology first, and a sport second!

#2 ‘I’m too old, too injured or too fat for CrossFit!’

CrossFit’s sole purpose in a private and local gym such as CrossFit South West is to help provide an alternative ‘health’ system to those who want to get better at life through weight loss, strength and cardiovascular fitness. I have always believed in the saying ‘you don’t have to be great to start! But you do have to start to be great!’ It really doesn’t matter where you are in your journey! ‘Too old… too injured… too fat…’ if we don’t get a chance to start with the fundamentals and at the beginning we will never get the chance to make you your best!

#3 ‘My old injuries will affect me all the way through my training! And CrossFit is known for causing injuries!’

It’s very easy to dispel the rumours that CrossFit causes injuries! As you become more body aware and performance becomes more important to you, recovery becomes even more important. We all have niggling injuries that have been created by lifestyle and the daily activities that we do, and if they start to effect the way we move we want them to be fixed as soon as possible and seeing a physiotherapist or chiropractor is the best way to get the right help and advice fast! As a coach we see more people get injuries doing everyday activities away from the gym than we see in the gym! And due to the ability to individualise workouts around your current movement restrictions, fitness level or niggling lifestyle injuries within a strength and conditioning methodology their is no limitation that can’t be resolved through smart well thought out coaching.

In conclusion and the purpose of this post is to help dispel some of the concerns that may exist and are stopping you from making the most important step in your health and fitness journey – Getting Started! If there are other things that may be holding you back feel free to contact your local CrossFit South West and any of our coaching staff will be more than happy to have a conversation with you about CrossFit and how we can make it work for you.

By Coach Scott Hook