We all want to train like superstars right? There aren’t many things more empowering than feeling fit, strong, healthy and busting out a new PB Fran time or 1RM Back Squat!

In this post are some things that you have direct control over that will increase your recovery rate (which is your bodies ability to repair itself) that don’t include ice baths, $50, 000 hyperbaric chambers or cryotherapy chambers. You will also learn about the things that you may not be aware are working against your ability to recover every single day.

To increase recovery and sleep quality which is fast and convenient drink a powdered magnesium supplement before bed each night, this will stop you having broken sleep, relax your body and muscles and reduce muscle soreness, it will even save your toilet trip for when you wake up in the morning.

Your bodies ability to recover when exercising regularly is paramount, it is the direct thing that will allow you to continue to thrive and achieve results. The following things will contribute to good recovery: Quality sleep, good quality whole foods – large amounts of fruit, vegetables and lean protein, water, downtime (hot bath, meditation, sitting in nature), stretching and mobility. All of these things nourish your body so it can function properly and reduce cortisol (Even with good nourishment, the stress hormone cortisol will weaken your immune system, give you broken sleep, hyperglycaemia, insulin resistance, cravings, type 2 diabetes and more). So reduce your stress and put clean wholesome food into your body.

Things that work against recovery are: Alcohol, drugs, smoking, caffeine, dairy, refined sugar, large amounts of red meat, processed white foods, bad quality sleep and stress. The foods listed here are all inflammation causing foods which impair the bodies ability to heal and grow stronger, in doing so they will increase your likelihood of injury and make healing from injury slower. They will directly slow your rate of achieving the results you’re after.

If you have read this far, keep your eyes on this space as we will be showcasing what your fellow athletes are eating to get amazing results at CFSW. Matt Cochrane is up first on Monday!

Happy recovering!