“I’ve always had a shocking diet.  Some have wondered how I have survived this long…

I was bought up on meat and potatoes, no vegetables or fruit, because I didn’t like them.  Lots of bread, pies, coke and chips, chocolate and donuts.  If it was healthy or a vegetable, it didn’t get a look in.

My attitude towards food had not a lot changed until I entered into CrossFit South West and tried Joel’s nutrition plan in March 2015.  From this time I have learnt so much about what eating good healthy food can really do for your body and your mind.  The biggest learning curve has been the effect of what sugar (added/processed) does to me. Without it my training improves and not just from a physical aspect – but also from a mental aspect.  I move faster, lift heavier and recover quicker.

I’m not a ‘superfreak’ about always eating the right thing (just ask Coach Tam what we have for dinner on a Friday night!).  I fall off the wagon regularly – sugar always has a way of creeping back into your life, but I’ve learnt to recognise the signs of the sugar seepage and get back to  making educated choices as to what I choose to fuel my body with – I hate the feel of ‘junklag’ the next day in my training (if I’ve chosen to be naughty).

The other aspect I have learnt is that in order to be stronger, you need to eat – no more going on starvation diets.  I’ve learnt you can eat good food and plenty of it and look and feel good about yourself.  It’s a great message being sent to women & young girls in particular.

My friends are astonished as to what I will now eat and we laugh at how KFC profits must have slumped and how I used to freak out if I didn’t see a Coke Can in the fridge when I opened it!”

Thanks so much for sharing Sheree!

If you want to get your hands on the same nutrition plan that showed Sheree all of the above simply email  Marc at [email protected] and ask for the ‘CFSW Nutrition Challenge’. Enjoy team, make small consistent changes to form new, healthy habits! – George