Our incredible athletes range from age 5 to 70 and come from all different backgrounds with differing challenges but the one thing they have in common is that they’re all good people who are determined to live and age heathy and strong with many laughs along the way!

“Not only am I achieving significant improvement in fitness, CFSW has provided me with considerably improved mental health as well. I feel great and am decidedly less stressed in both the home and workplace. Further, I have formed new friendships with my fellow CrossFitters and trainers, and am part of a healthy community that is thriving.”

– Kellie Lewandowski

“I am 60 and far from being treated like an old fool, the trainers Georgie, Joel and Tamika have been patient, inspiring, informative and encouraging. They have made me feel accepted and as if I was part of a team. My fitness has improved, my shoulder injury is simply another obstacle to be overcome, and I have gained a new sense of wellbeing.”

– Peter Jones

“The coaching staff at CFSW are awesome, each specialises in different areas which together make a formidable coaching combination. It’s about community and it’s about people. No matter how young or old, or what your current fitness level is or isn’t, it’s ok.”

– Justin Brown

“Since day one, I have received nothing but encouragement, self belief and professional advice from yourself and your awesome CFSW coaching staff. I like that CFSW is well organised with exercise routines, everything is all set up ready for a workout and the coaches pay particular attention to all participants fitness levels and our different abilities.”

– Teila Hodge

“Just in my first beginners class I realised how many movements I was doing incorrectly in my strength training and learnt the reasons why I had unnecessary pain in certain parts of my body. The positive atmosphere and humble community that radiates through CFSW is something I’ve never experienced before. Unlike the bodybuilding gym community, I have never once felt judged or self-conscious at CFSW.”

– Tahlia Russel

“The benefits to my body have been amazing. I am losing weight, I am more flexible, and most importantly for me, I am no longer in constant pain from arthritis. Yes, my body hurts when I am done, and I am sure that they are trying to kill me, but it is no longer arthritic pain. I go days now without feeling any pain, and when my arthritis does flare up, it is nowhere near as severe. I also have more energy, and am so much more content with myself.”

– Kathy Lockley

“Because of CrossFit South West, I was fitter, I was stronger, I was looking better and I was learning. Make no mistake, you don’t go to zone out. You go to zone IN, to switch ON! Every class is a lesson, where you will learn about yourself. At that point in time, CrossFit South West had taken me to my highest point yet. Mentally and physically.”

– Emily Fleay


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